Dutch activists takes feminism to the streets with Beyonce name boards

Beyonce was among the first names to make a mark on the Dutch roads. Credit: @DeBovengrondse/Twitter

Women in the Netherlands have taken feminism to the streets, swapping road signs with male names for female named signs.

Their move follows a survey from news website, De Correspondent, which found that 88% of roads in major cities are named after men.

The group known as De Bovengrondse, which translates to "above ground", chose Beyonce as part of the first 12 female names to make a mark on the Dutch roads.

Founder of the group, Bregje Hofstede, said the imbalance of street signs would affect people "subconsciously."

Speaking to Dutch website, NOS, she said: "Because most streets are named after men, we implicitly give the message that we find men more important, while there are thousands of women who have meant a lot in science, philosophy, sports, media and so on."

The group posted their progress on social media explaining who the women behind the street names were.

Here is a snapshot of who they chose:

  • Tania Leon, South African feminist and civil rights activist

  • Judith Leyster was the first female master painter

  • Suze Gangopadhyay, the first female MP

  • Serafina and Janse (mother and daughter) were opposed to their treatment as enslaved