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Eat, Shop, Save: The Green's

In the second episode of Eat, Shop, Save - Ranvir meets with The Green's, where mum Beccy is worried about the food she's feeding her twins Photo: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

On the third episode of the second series of Eat, Shop, Save is The Green family from the North West.

The Greens are made up of mum Beccy and 8-year-old twins, Lily and Ellie.

Mum Beccy admits she can be pretty disorganised when it comes to shopping and that means she’s frequently dialling for a takeaway for herself and her girls...but she’s worried about the long-term damage unhealthy eating might be doing to them.

“I feel like a bad mum because I know the food is not good for them and I know it’s affecting their life. I’ll do anything for them.”

– Beccy

Cooking novice

One of the reasons why Beccy orders takeaway food so much, is because she’s a bit of a novice in the kitchen with the girls ‘fessing up that their mum burns everything from toast, to pizza to even rice!

So first on the Eat, Shop, Save agenda is getting Beccy’s cooking skills up to scratch.

Chef and nutritionist, Dale Pinnock wants to show Beccy a couple of recipes that are quick, easy and filling - a simple entry point for anyone wanting to get busy in the kitchen.

Chef and nutritionist Dale meets Beccy who is a bit of a novice in the kitchen Credit: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

Escape the shopping trap

Beccy has confessed to visiting the supermarket up to 5 times a week at £30 a time, so it’s time to send in cash Queen, Kate Hardcastle to rein in Beccy’s spending.

Kate has some simple ways to slash Beccy’s bills by two thirds:

  • Write a list - sounds simple, but it works!
  • Beware of the BOGOF - remember that list? Even if it sounds a good deal, the chances are you don’t need don’t buy it!
  • Read the small print - ever looked at the price per measurement on your staple foods? Often, you can save a fortune, just by bulk buying!
  • Bypass the pricey fads - Beccy believed she had a gluten intolerance until tests revealed she was all clear. She’d been blowing her cash on expensive gluten-free food products that she didn’t need.

“These products are expensive. They’re a blessing to families who need them, however, I think there’s a bit of a craze at the moment. People think they’re trying to eat the right thing but they don’t need it.”

– Kate Hardcastle MBE

Tune in to Eat, Shop, Save will air this evening (9th August) on ITV at 7:30pm, so make sure you tune in to find out more.

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