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1,600 evacuated as southern France hit by flash flooding

Around 1,600 people, including many holidaymakers at campsites, have been rescued in southern France after torrential rain caused flash flooding and transformed rivers and streams into raging torrents.

Hardest hit was the Gard region, where 750 people were evacuated, largely from campsites.

Some 119 people alone - many of them German schoolchildren - were evacuated from the Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas campsite.

More than 400 firefighters and gendarmes were backed up by helicopters in the rescue operations.

A 70-year-old German man was said to be missing after reportedly being swept away inside his van at one campsite.

Search teams, including divers, were dispatched in a bid to find him.

Four German children have been taken to hospital for hypothermia, while a further six people were hospitalised with minor injuries.

Footage posted on social media showed dramatic scenes of flooding.

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The mayor of Bagnols, Jean-Yves Chapelet, told BFM-TV many Dutch tourists were among 350 campers evacuated there.

After a hot spell, the flash flooding in the northern part of the Gard region turned the Ceze and L'Ardeche rivers into churning waterways that quickly spilled out of their banks, while nearby regions - all part of the verdant and mountainous Cevennes - also saw flooding.

"No one has suitcases. We just have what we're wearing," Rita Mauersberger, a visitor from Germany who was among the campers taking shelter in a local hall in Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas, told local media.

Rescuers in southern France.