In modern society, most of us are pretty time-stretched. What with jobs, kids and chores, one of the things that often gets neglected is our fitness levels.

We might want to be able to run a marathon, but who on Earth has the time for it? But getting fit and healthy really doesn’t need to be that extreme.

Making small and simple changes to your life can benefit you massively in long run, so here are fitness guru, Tom Pitfield’s top tips on how to put them into action!

Fitness for the family

Torn between spending quality time with your family or going on a solo run to get your fitness levels up? Have you ever considered that you can get fit, together as a family?

It doesn’t have to be about going to the gym day-in-day-out, why not go for walks together, or make it a fun and friendly competition and turn fitness into a game.

In episode 1 of this series of Eat, Shop, Save, I came up with The Last Bassett Standing. It’s a really simple game that the whole family can simple terms, together you can do fitness exercises like planks, squats, stand up and sit down & see who can do it for the longest! Last one standing wins. Great fun and trust me, you will get a sweat on.

Find something you love

How many times have you gone to the gym to feel like that 45 minutes on the treadmill was the longest 45 minutes of your life?

Don’t torture yourself by doing something you don’t love and find a way of doing exercise that you love and enjoy.

Maybe it means buddying up and climbing up hills with your dogs? Maybe it means taking up 5-a-side with some old friends? Or maybe you get a real kick out of salsa dancing?

Whatever it is, if you enjoy it, you’ll be happy to make it a part of your life for good...and that’s what it’s all about.

Finding the time...when you have no time

Your day looks like this...

Up at 6amMake the kids breakfast and lunchOut the door for school run then work.Back at 5pm.Make the dinner, bath the kids.Bed then repeat.

Finding even a spare 30 minutes for a bit of exercise would be a struggle for anyone with a schedule that looks like that. But there are other ways you can make big differences.

That’s why I came up with the Pitfield’s Point’s. It’s really simple, each exercise around the home is worth a different set of points...such as 5 points for 10 push ups as soon as you get out of bed or 10 points for doing 20 seconds of mountain climbers whilst making the dinner.

To download my free Pitfield’s Point’s poster so you can give it a go yourself, click here.

Download the Pitfield's Point's poster for yourself now! Credit: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

Small things, big changes

One thing to keep in mind when you feel like you haven’t the time for a full-blown workout, is to find ways to become more active, without it disrupting your life too much and there are some really easy ways to incorporate this into your life.

Take the stairs instead of the lift. Half an hour on your lunch break? Go for a quick walk. You’ll be a damn sight more active making these small changes than you would have been before.

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