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Eat, Shop, Save: The Morris'

In the final episode of series two of Eat, Shop, Save - Ranvir meets the Morris family who need serious help with their food waste Photo: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

The Morris’ are made up of mum Jillian, dad Micky and their two boys 6-year-old Lucas and 3-year-old Zayn.

Like a lot of families, Jillian and Micky are working flat out and struggling to fit exercise into their busy schedules as well as often filling themselves up on ready meals for ease.

“We spend a lot of money on food, a lot of money, a lot of wasted money as well I think cos a lot of it goes in the bin at the end of the week.”

– Jillian

Food waste

The Morris’ are cutting corners when it comes to their eating habits, which often leads to them throwing a lot of food away because they’re unorganised.

Sound familiar? First on the agenda for Ranvir Singh and her team of experts is to show them how they can get their eating back on track, whilst saving money in the long run and one way to do that is by looking at the food they waste.

“Using the freezer I can help make sure we minimise the amount of stuff they chuck away and I can save them some cash on their weekly shopping bills.”

– Kate

Savvy shopper, Kate Hardcastle, asks the Morris’ to track their food waste over a period of two weeks and Jillian is shocked to discover that the family are wasting, on average, £750 a year just on food they chuck away.

This is what the Morris family chuck away, on average, over a period of two weeks Credit: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

Freezer fears

The Morris family admit that they don’t understand how to use a freezer properly so Kate wants to bust a few freezer myths.

“If something’s frozen then as soon as it’s been picked it’s put straight into the frozen process. When it’s fresh into our supermarkets it has to actually go through transit and that can take a few days. Also you’re going to save cash and we can afford the luxury of having prepared fruit and vegetables.”

– Kate Hardcastle MBE

Buying pre-sliced and diced can often be more expensive however you might be surprised if you visit the frozen aisles as you can often find a bargain!

Food that fits the family

With their new-found knowledge of the freezer, chef and nutritionist Dale Pinnock wants to show them how to capitalise on cooking healthy meals and freezing them to save time, money and waste.

Batch-cooking is when you spend a couple of hours a week bulk making healthy one-pot dishes that can then be portioned out into individual containers and then frozen for another day.

So on those busy weeknights, Jillian and Micky won’t have the temptation to reach for a ready meal or takeaway as all they have to do is defrost, heat up and enjoy. Result!

Couch potatoes no more

Personal trainer Tom Pitfield has a masterplan for the Morris family who are all to familiar with their couch and it’s something that any family could put into action!

To give them a target, Tom came up with a points based exercise system called ‘Pitfield’s Points’.

It involves turning the simplest of tasks into exercise - like 5 points for 10 push ups as soon as you get out of bed and another 10 for doing 20 seconds of mountain climbers whilst doing the dinner.

“I’m going to set them a challenge to hit 40 points a day. Once they start progressing we’ll up that to 50 and 60 and see what they’ve got in their locker.”

– Tom Pitfield

Download Pitfield’s Point’s here.

Tune in to Eat, Shop, Save will air this evening (15th August) on ITV at 7:30pm, so make sure you tune in to find out more.

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