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Kate’s tips for smarter shopping

Savvy shopper, Kate Hardcastle appears on Eat, Shop, Save as one of Ranvir Singh's team of experts Photo: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

The Eat, Shop, Save way is naturally, to save money whilst getting fit and healthy and there are some easy ways to put this into practice.

Savvy shopper Kate Hardcastle sums up her best tips from series two of Eat, Shop, Save.

Don’t fear the freezer

Freezer food is not always associated with healthy eating but you can pick up some of the best, and most convenient, bargains which could massively aid you in your mission for healthy eating.

Believe it or not, you can find the best bargains in the freezer aisle like chopped garlic, for instance, which for the ease and long-lasting nature - is totally worth it.

Not only that, but frozen fish is actually just as fresh, if not fresher than the fish in the frozen section - which sometimes has been previously frozen!

A lot of people also assume that frozen food isn’t as nutritious for you if it’s frozen, which doesn’t make any sense - when food is picked and chosen to be frozen, that’s done straight away whereas fresh food can be in transit for a few days before it gets to its final destination.


It’s the oldest trick in the book but it is seriously one of the best and most effective ways to ensure your shopping doesn’t lead to waste, which then in turn leads to more money being spent.

If you make a habit of writing weekly meal-planners and from there, checking the cupboards for what you’ve already got before you go shopping you can save yourself a fortune.

The trick is to stick to your shopping list and not stray or get tempted by any BOGOF deals. Yes, it might be a good deal, but do you need it? If it’s not on your list, then the answer is no!

Planning your weekly shop is one of the best ways to cut down on spending Credit: ITV/Eat, Shop, Save

Cut down on takeaways

Have a habit for takeaways? You’re not alone! But they are one of the biggest ways to blow your cash and expand your waistline all in one go.

Think to yourself, can you make your favourite takeaway for cheaper with fewer, inexpensive ingredients? A lot of the time, you will be able to.

Put the money you’re saving on takeaways away and before you know it, you will have yourself a nice little pot of savings that you can use on something nice for yourself!

Your body and your bank account will thank you for it later.

Supermarket round-up

For savvier shopping in the supermarket here are Kate’s best tips:

  • Look up and down - the shelves that are at eye level are often the ones we are first attracted to and therefore they are usually the most expensive items. If something is at easy grab height, look higher or lower for the real bargains.
  • Bulk buy - always read the small print on your staples. The price per kilogram label is small but you can often get a lot more bang for your buck that way.
  • Loose - when we buy packaged, we are paying for the convenience, so it’s worth spending an extra couple of seconds buying loose - you’ll save yourself money and often save yourself waste, too!

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