1. ITV Report

Weather: Rain affecting many areas through the day

Photo: Met Office

The morning will begin with a three-way split. The far southeast of England will be bright, although with a fair amount of cloud.

Central swathes of England and eastern Wales will be cloudy and wet.

Northern and western areas will be brighter with sunshine and scattered showers.

Through the day the band of rain will continue its journey southeastwards, affecting much of East Anglia and southeast England well into the afternoon.

The rain will be heavy at times accompanied by a strong and gusty winds.

As the rain clears, skies will brighten up with plenty of sunshine across much of the country through the afternoon.

A scattering of showers will affect western areas, but these will be most frequent and heavy across Scotland, where it will remain blustery too.

After a warm and muggy start across the southeast, most areas will feel fresher through the afternoon with a top temperature of 21 Celsius (70 F).