World War II shipwreck belonging to the USS Abner Read discovered in Alaska

The stern of a World War II navy vessel has been discovered in Alaska nearly 75 years after it was hit by a Japanese mine.

Remains of the USS Abner Read were spotted by scientists and divers during a rescue mission in July.

Daryl Weathers, 94, was aboard the ship when it was hit by the mine, which killed 71 men.

The surviving 250 crew members then made the ship watertight and guided it back to shore for repairs.

Daryl Weathers, 94, survived the mine which hit the USS Abner Read nearly 75 years ago. Credit: PA

Describing the night it happened he said: "I didn't have time to be terrified. You had to do what you need to do to stay alive."

Andrew Nager, an engineer at the Scripps Institution, explained the wider purposed of their field work.

"When it comes down to it, we're doing this work to try and find and resolve untold stories."