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Kofi Annan was 'determined to advance world peace, to tackle poverty and injustice wherever he saw it' says Gordon Brown

Former prime minister Gordon Brown has paid tribute to Kofi Annan, who has died aged 80.

The former secretary-general of the United Nations passed away in Switzerland after a short illness, his family announced on Saturday.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, jointly with the UN, in 2001, for his work reforming the organisation and for fighting for human rights.

Mr Brown told ITV News: "Kofi Annan will be mourned on every continent.

"He was a leader of leaders, he was a great humanitarian, he was one of the most considerate and compassionate of men that I've met and he was personally very modest, quite self-effacing, very soft-spoken but he was a titan, he was determined to advance world peace, to tackle poverty and to tackle injustice wherever he saw it.

"And even in the last few months of his life, he was trying hard in Myanmar, in Africa, in a whole series of projects where he was involved as either a peacemaker or or someone who was bringing people together for action on poverty in trying to make the world a better place.

"He will never be forgotten."