100-year-old mystery photographs unearthed at car boot sale in Essex

A mystery box of 100-year-old photographs have been discovered at a car boot sale thanks to the eagle eyes of a retired graphics artist.

Greg Pack, 70, spotted the glass negatives as he was searching for old clocks at the event.

Mr Packs told ITV News he often frequents car boot sales as a hobby, repairing old clocks.

However, it's his experience of "working in print years ago," that made him pick up the box of glass negatives.

"I used to work with negatives and these looked quite good."

Coupling his experience with modern technology and photo-editing software, Mr Pack was able to reveal the cherished family moments captured a century ago.

He told ITV News: "I held the glass negative to the sky, took a picture with my iPhone then turned it into a positive.

He added: "I was surprised at how good the pictures were.

"The problem with glass negatives is that they fade."

The images were first tweeted by Mr Pack's son, Scott.

The tweet has been retweeted more than 4,000 times as social media users seek to identify the people in the photographs.

Credit: Greg Pack
Credit: Greg Pack
Credit: Greg Pack

Included in the box was a list of names, which were mostly "in English" according to Mr Pack.

However, the list has provided few clues as to who the people in the photographs might be.

This hasn't stopped the public from playing detective and weighing in on social media with helpful suggestions.