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Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood reveals how art 'helped' him through lung cancer and why he's using it to save rhinos

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies

Ronnie Wood has revealed how painting helped him get "through" lung cancer.

The Rolling Stones guitarist, who was diagnosed in 2017, spoke to ITV News as he helped unveil an art installation raising awareness about the plight of rhinos on the brink of extinction.

He said: "Painting has really helped and the music helped me therapeutically get through everything and come back on my feet."

The sculptures he has helped paint will mark tourist hotspots across the capital including Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.

Mr Wood attended the unveiling with his wife, Salley Humphreys, with whom he is raising young twins.

Ronnie Wood with his wife, Salley Humphreys, and their twins. Credit: Sonny McCartney

The musician, who is a father of six, told ITV News the campaign held personal value to him because of his renewed family commitments.

He said: "I want this animal to be seen by my kids and I think everyone deserves to have that pleasure when they grow up, to see this prehistoric animal roaming in its natural habitat.

The art installations are set to auctioned on October 9 with all the money going to the charity Tusk.