Social media star 'Little Nana Iris' takes on Dele Alli challenge for her Facebook fans at 91

'Little Nana Iris', as she is known as to her fans, has become a bit of an social media star after posting challenge videos on Facebook.

The 91-year-old pensioner Iris Amos has been taking on viral challenges with the help of her grandson Paul Giles.

The great-great-grandmother from Sunderland has gone viral with her videos and gained over 60,000 Facebook fans.

Her latest post has more than 80,000 views as she attempts the 'Dele Alli challenge' which has stumped most sports fans.

How do you do the Dele Alli Challenge?

The viral video isn't her first attempt at trying out the trends.

She took on the 'Kiki Challenge' made famous by Grammy Award winning artist Drake's fans.

In the video, which has been viewed more than three million times, 'Little Nana Iris' can be seen sporting a baseball cap and fluffy slippers as she dances outside a car to music.

Fans keen to see more of Little Nana can visit her YouTube channel where she frequently uploads videos to show off her new-found skills.

Her Drake inspired 'Kiki challenge' video reached 3.4 million views on Facebook. Credit: Facebook/ Paul Giles