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Drake pays surprise visit to 11-year-old girl awaiting heart transplant

An 11-year-old girl awaiting a heart transplant operation had her dreams come true when rapper Drake turned up at her hospital room to cheer her up.

Superfan Sofia Sanchez, who was preparing to undergo surgery at the Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago, had been longing to meet the rapper.

She even performed the 'Kiki Dance Challenge' - the dance meme that uses Drake's song 'In My Feelings' - from a wheelchair in the hope of catching his attention.

It must have worked because Drake, who was in Chicago for a show, stopped by the hospital to say hello.

Drake stopped by the hospital to say hello Credit: Lurie Children's Hospital via AP

Sofia screamed in surprise and delight when the rapper walked in.

"You asked me to come, I'm here. What's up?" he said, to the stunned patient.

The two chatted about Justin Bieber, basketball and dogs, and took selfies.

Drake later posted one to Instagram, captioning it: "Me and my love Sofia talking about Bieber and Owls and Basketball."

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