Dad gives the best advice on how to defend yourself against knife crime

A dad who posted a "self-defence" video that's been viewed over two million times has been praised for his simple advice: "If someone pulls out a knife on you, get the hell outta there."

The video, created by anti-knife crime campaigner Garvin Snell, was posted on Twitter and has been retweeted over 40,000 times, with even a former Scotland Yard police officer hailing the advice.

The clip starts with Mr Snell, stood with his son in his Feltham back garden, explaining how "knife crime amongst young people is very, very, very high", adding that "we see on the news all the time how many young people are being stabbed and killed left right and centre".

He says his "self defence" class will show people how to defend against knife attacks, before picking up a knife from the floor a shouting "come on then" at his 13-year-old son Kyian.

His son instantly runs away and climbs over a fence before the camera turns back to Mr Snell who gives his best tip for staying alive.

"There’s no shame in running away. If someone pulls a knife on you, get the hell out of there, get as far away as possible," he says.

He adds: "There's too many brave people in the morgue, there's too many brave people who end up dead. Our young people are being killed left right and centre.

The video was retweeted by Former Scotland Yard detective chief superintendent Gerry Campbell who called it common sense.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Mr Snell said he was "overwhelmed” at the response to the video.

“If it saves one life, then it will have been worth it.”