Let teenagers aged 16 and 17 vote in any second Brexit referendum, says Cable

Sir Vince Cable (Andrew MAtthews/PA) Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Teenagers aged 16 and 17 should be allowed to take part in any second Brexit referendum, Sir Vince Cable has said.

The 2016 vote to leave the EU was “imposed on young people to the loss of their futures”, the Liberal Democrat leader told a People’s Vote rally on Saturday.

Speaking in Newcastle, he also called for an “adjudicator” to prevent “aggro” and “all the lies of 2016” being repeated in any new vote.

Neither of the two main parties officially back a second referendum despite MPs from across the political spectrum joining with the Lib Dems to back a second poll on the final Brexit deal.

On Tuesday, Labour shadow minister Barry Gardiner warned civil disobedience and social disruption could emerge if a second EU referendum was held, and said the result of the 2016 vote should be respected.

Mr Cable said on Saturday: “Some say a People’s Vote would cause aggro, all the lies of 2016 would be repeated. We need to anticipate that.

“We need an adjudicator who can look at what campaigners say and fact check them properly.

“Brexit has been imposed on young people to the loss of their futures.

“What I want to see when we have this People’s Vote is that 16 and 17 year olds are allowed to take part.”