Pocket watch recovered from man who died in Titanic sinking sold at auction

The Titanic at Southampton (National Museums Northern Ireland/PA) Credit: Press Association Images

A pocket watch that was recovered from a passenger who died on the Titanic has sold at auction for 57,500 US dollars (£44,765).

Heritage Auctions said the watch, sold on Saturday in Dallas, had been recovered from a 34-year-old passenger named Sinai Kantor.

Mr Kantor was a Russian immigrant who managed to get his wife, Miriam, to a lifeboat before he died in icy waters after the ship hit an iceberg.

Mr Kantor’s body was later pulled from the Atlantic Ocean and he was buried in New York.

The pocket watch was sold by a direct descendant of Miriam and Sinai Kantor.

It was bought by a collector of timepieces connected to the famous 1912 sinking.