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Heart-warming video captures the moment one-year-old boy born profoundly deaf hears sound for the first time

Max Brett was born profoundly deaf but thanks to new state-of-the-art implants he can now hear.

The heart-warming moment was captured on camera.

Three months on from the surgery, Max can now recognise his name when he is called by his parents Rebecca and Ian.

“He can now talk to us and he can hear us... he chooses when to hear us a little bit now”, Rebecca told ITV News.

The moment when Max heard sound for the first time. Credit: ITV News

The implant is highly sophisticated, sounds are picked up by a tiny microphone and then converted to electrical signals that are sent to a coil.

A receiver, just behind Max’s ear, picks up the signal under his skin.

A conductor then stimulates the nerves in the cochlea – its position determines the pitch and volume of what Max hears.

His parents have called the surgery Credit: ITV News

Ian says the surgery was worth the risk.

“It’s absolutely life-changing for him to react like he suddenly has done to the noise and how he doesn’t know when sounds come from and to be able to hear simple things like wind, water running, birds…”

“There’s no limit for him now,” Rebecca added.