Inspiring Britain: Five-year-old Daisy Hooper conquers Pendle Hill 52 times for charity

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A five-year-old girl is scaling new heights by raising thousands of pounds for charity with a twice-weekly climb of 557-metre high Pendle Hill in Lancashire.

Daisy Hooper has been conquering the hill since February - hiking through snow, rain, hail and sunshine. And despite the up-hill hikes, Daisy still finds the energy to celebrate each climb with energetic cartwheels.

Her father Daniel Hooper said his daughter did not need any encouragement - most evenings she was ready and waiting for him.

He told ITV News: "I haven't once forced her, neither has her mum, to go up Pendle.

"Most evenings she'll plan and get her own stuff out and, 'come on, Daddy, let's go up Pendle'."

Daisy Hooper conquering Pendle Hill in the snow earlier this year.

Daisy's original goal was to climb Pendle Hill once a week every week for a whole year.

But she had smashed her target of 52 climbs in a year in just seven months.

Her feat means she has climbed the equivalent of Mount Everest three times.

Daisy is taking her amazing effort in her stride, describing her many hikes up Pendle as "very steep".

Daisy hit her target in just five months.

Her incredible achievement has raised thousands of pounds for Pendleside Hospice.

The hospice's chief executive, Helen McVey, told ITV News: "The staff have just been totally in awe of Daisy. A few staff have joined her, and have found it hard themselves. So to actually watch her go up there and still do cartwheels at the bottom when she comes down is brilliant."

And there's no stopping Daisy. Next year she wants to become the youngest person ever to climb Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon.

No doubt she will still be doing cartwheels after conquering Britain's highest peaks.

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