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Rare white moose spooked by robot lawnmower in Swedish village

A white moose is a rare sight even in its native habitat.

So it was no wonder Marianne Niklasson was so excited to see one chomping away at apples in a front garden of a house in a Swedish village.

Ms Niklasson was able to get up close to the big beast as she stopped to film the rare sighting on her way to her summer cottage in central Sweden.

But while the moose was happy to appear on camera, he was not pleased when another uninvited guest showed up.

Ms Niklasson was still filming the animal when a robot lawnmower lurched into view, interrupting the moose's mealtime and giving him a fright.

After a showdown between machine and beast, the lawnmower was promptly dealt with by a swift stomp.

The moose showed the robot who was boss. Credit: Marianne Niklasson

The moose then simply returned to munching on apples.

Ms Niklasson told Swedish broadcaster SVT that she had never seen a white moose before and was amazed that her and her husband were able to get so close.

The couple had been worried the moose would turn his attention to them once he'd destroyed the lawnmower.

"After it attacked the lawnmower, it looked straight at us and then I thought, 'Now he's attacking the car.' So I was really scared," Ms Niklasson told STV.

"We drove away, but the moose stayed. He did not care about us but just wanted more apples."