Partner of British woman Leah Cambridge who died after 'Brazilian butt lift' in Turkey told her 'not to go'

The devastated partner of a mother-of-three who died after travelling to Turkey for cosmetic surgery told ITV News he had not wanted her to go as she was already "perfect".

Leah Cambridge, 29, is said to have died after undergoing a “Brazilian butt lift” at a clinic that boasts celebrity clientele.

Her partner, Scott Franks, 31, said Leah had taken extra work to pay to travel to the clinic in the city of Izmir for the £3,000 operation despite him telling her she "didn't need it".

The procedure, which reshapes the buttocks by transferring fat from areas including the stomach and back, has become an increasingly popular technique for achieving an hourglass figure.

He said Leah had become conscious of her body after having three children and was determined to have the operation despite telling a friend she was "scared".

Scott, who travelled to the Turkish clinic with other members of Leah's family on Monday, said they were not satisfied with the answers they were given by the surgeon.

Neighbours next to the family home described Leah as "absolutely stunning". One woman described the situation as a "tragic waste of life", saying: "Scott had talked about her going out and getting this 'Brazilian butt lift' done, but she didn’t need it, she didn’t.

Scott said he had told Leah not to go the day before she flew out to Izmir.

"Leah was perfect in every way. She was beautiful anyway, she's a natural beauty," he said, adding she was "a very, very good person" and "the life and soul of every party."

"She was always laughing. She'd make everyone laugh and all her mates. Everyone loved her. Everyone who got to meet her. Even for a short space of time," he said

The couple have two children, aged two and four, together, and Leah had an 11-year-old son.

Scott has been unable to tell the two youngest that their mother is dead.

He told ITV News: "I do my hardest. I'm going to do my best. Leah and I set a few goals in life and we were getting to those goal and if I stop then now she won't be happy but if I carry on doing what I've done, I think she'll be proud and make the boys proud at the same time."

Franks shared pictures and videos of his partner Leah and said: "I am absolutely heartbroken still doesn't feel real I'm hoping she's at home when I walk through that door and I've had an awful nightmare."

He is speaking out in a bid to tell others of the risk of this kind of surgery.

He told ITV News: "Basically when they do this procedure, there's an artery in the bum and they don't really know - everyone is different - they don't really know what's below there.

"It's a guessing game. So really you're risking people's lives just by doing this as you don't really know where it is."

He said: "If I can save 2, 3, 4, 5 people from going to getting this done...If I can save other girls.

"You're not just risking your life, you're risking my life, your partner's life, your kids' life."

The huge popularity of curvier celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Nicki Minaj has seen some women go to extreme lengths to emulate their hourglass figures.

Advocates of the Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, say it achieves results quickly and recovery is usually fast.

However, experts have warned it carries a risk of serious complications.

Another British woman, Joy Williams, died following "buttock augmentation surgery" in Thailand, October 2014.

Her wounds became infected, and the 24-year-old, from London, later died under anaesthetic.