Prince Harry showcases singing skills onstage at Hamilton performance

Prince Harry showed off his singing skills when he broke into song during a speech following a charity performance of hit hip-hop musical Hamilton.

After deciding not to carry on in song, the Duke of Sussex also joked about playing his ancestor King George III in the musical that mocks the British monarchy during the founding of modern-day America.

Harry was joined by the Duchess of Sussex and the show’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda on Wednesday for a performance to raise money for the Duke’s HIV charity, Sentebale.

Ahead of the show, Miranda said it would be “fun and surreal” to see Harry and Meghan watch the extravagant, pompous king character during the biography of US founding father Alexander Hamilton.

Harry and Meghan take their seats beside Lin Manuel Miranda Credit: PA

Miranda, joined by Harry on stage after the performance, told the audience he envisioned the character during his honeymoon, adding: “Smash cut to 2018 I’m sitting next to his sixth-great grandson. Ladies and gentlemen, the Duke of Sussex.”

Harry broke into mock-song, crooning: “You say…” before cutting himself off. “You did try, but I said no,” he said to Miranda.

Miranda, after meeting the Duke for the first time that evening, told reporters “you don’t often get a direct descendent” to watch the show set in the 18th century.

“The prince’s sixth-great-grandfather is a character so that’ll be fun and surreal for all of us,” he said.

Prince Harry chats to his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, following the performance. Credit: PA

The Duke then thanked the audience for helping to raise funds for his charity, Sentebale - which works to improve prospects for children and young people affected by HIV in southern Africa - before praising Miranda and the show's cast.

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Harry and Meghan sat among the audience in the royal circle in London’s Victoria Palace Theatre during the show.

But after the public had left they went onstage to share their appreciation for the performance with the cast, including the man who played the king.

Meghan told actors the energy on the night was “palpable”, adding: “It was so engaging, every moment of it.”

Harry said: “That was absolutely incredible.”

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex have a photo with the cast following the show. Credit: PA

Both had already seen the show, but were hosting the gala performance for Sentebale, which Harry founded with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho after the duke’s gap year there.

Nearly £300,000 was said to have been raised through ticket sales and donations for Sentebale.