Boris the bicycle guy

There was a bit of a slap down for Boris Johnson today, and for once it didn’t come from our Prime Minister.

At a press conference with Theresa May in Nairobi, the Kenyan President couldn’t remember his name.

Asked about the fact that no British Prime Minister had visited Kenya in 30 years, President Kenyatta argued that at least “Boris...erm...Boris, Boris...Johnson! The bicycle guy!” had been.

Credit: PA

In a separate swipe at Britain, the Kenyan President also said he prefers "not to focus on the past" and claimed that Britain would have seen a stark transformation in Kenya since the last time a British PM had made the effort to visit.

In better news for Theresa May, he argued that Brexit “doesn’t mean anything detrimental” to Kenya or its relationship with Britain, adding: “I don’t believe Brexit is going to dent trade between our two countries."

But there was no suggestion of a particularly special trade deal for the UK once we leave. Instead the focus seems to be on continuing the current level of cooperation.