'Motorcycle nonenthusiast' spends 17 years carving bikes from wood in bid to put tiny Lebanese village 'on the map'

In a bid to make the little-known Lebanese village of Abey a tourist hotspot, a woodworker has carved a museum of more than 20 motorbikes.

Despite being a self-confessed "motorcycle nonenthusiast" and not being able to ride one, Salam Hamzeh has spent the past 17 years carving motorbikes from wood.

Salam Hamzeh has described himself as a 'motorcycle nonenthusiast'. Credit: AP

The idea first came to Mr Hamzeh 17-years-ago when he saw a police officer riding a Harley Davidson, and his sculpting has not stopped since.

However, each bike can take him up to a year to make, and each is crafted to make from between 250 and 970 pieces of wood depending on its size.

Mr Hamzeh displays his creations in a gallery above his home, and has had visitors from across the Middle Eastern country come to visit, though his dream is to put the village of around 4,000 people firmly "on the tourist map".

Each bike is crafted from between 250 ad 970 pieces of wood. Credit: AP