Woman trying to take dolphin pictures stranded in sea before rescue

The woman got into difficulty on Sunday morning.

A walker attempting to snap pictures of dolphins was stranded in the sea for an hour-and-a-half after falling from a pier, authorities have said.

The woman got into difficulty early on Sunday and was found clinging to a wall in the harbour near Berwick Pier by a boat crew at about 8.30am, the Coastguard said.

“She was in a dire situation and the crew undoubtedly saved her life”, said Jolene Smith of HM Coastguard.

The woman got into difficulty on Sunday morning. Credit: PA

Ms Smith warned others about potentially risking their lives for a good picture, saying “it’s very easy to get wrapped up in taking the perfect photo, forgetting that you are in a hazardous environment”.

The woman was rescued by the crew of a dredger and subsequently taken by a lifeboat to be assessed by medical staff.

During the rescue bid, the Gypsey Race dredger ran aground on sand and rocks, and is stuck until the next high tide.

Ms Smith added: “As the summer comes to an end and opportunities arise to take more photos of spectacular weather conditions, please do be mindful of your own safety and don’t take unnecessary risks.”