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Brief Encounter star becomes one half of Britain's oldest newlyweds

Margaret and Rob Cave, both in their 90s, have become Britain's oldest newlyweds after tying the knot on Friday.

Rob Cave and his wife Margaret had been friends more than 30 years before they married in Wimborne Minster, Dorset.

The loved-up pair, who have both been widowed in recent years, say they share the same sense of humour.

Margaret played station cafe waitress Beryl Walters in Brief Encounter when she was 19. Credit: ITV Studios

Margaret told ITV News it was "inevitable" that her and Rob would marry.

The former actress is the only surviving member of the main cast of Brief Encounter.

The 92-year-old played station cafe waitress Beryl Walters in Noel Coward's classic 1945 film.

"I was only 19 when I made that film. And I looked about 14. It was marvellous working in the theatre, and films and radio and television.

"And I was quite famous evidently."

Margaret and Rob on their wedding day where they celebrated with tea and cake. Credit: ITV News

The couple say they are not going to have a honeymoon, because they "can't leave the cat" but are content to spend time at their Dorset home enjoying married bliss.

"Actually Mr and Mrs, that's so beautiful," Margaret told ITV News.

"A lot of people would rather go on living together or something like that. That wasn't right for us," she said.

When asked what attracted him to Margaret, Rob, 91, said: "I think her sense of humour, we've got exactly the same sense of humour. We laugh an awful lot."