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Lives on hold as thousands of vital organ transplants don't go ahead

Dom Davies is 20 years old, and wants to follow in his friends' footsteps - to go to university, travel and do many things people his age take for granted.

However due to a congenital heart condition, he's been forced to put his life on hold as he awaits a transplant.

He was placed on the waiting list in December last year, and he says getting a new heart "would be my life".

Figures from NHS Blood and Transplant show there were around 3,000 lifesaving transplants that didn't go ahead last year, because families refused to let their loved ones' organs be donated.

NHSBT wants people to talk about the issue, rather than show "fatal complacency" in not addressing it.

Dom Davies says the idea that someone needs to die for an organ to be donated is "quite a difficult thing to think about".

"That is the fact, and it's a difficult thing to do, but let's be honest you don't need your organs when you're dead," he adds.

For more information on organ donation, visit the NHSBT website, and the British Heart Foundation.