Victoria Beckham pokes fun at herself in hilarious spoof Vogue behind-the-scenes video

Victoria Beckham has sent herself up in a video for British Vogue that pokes fun at her po-faced reputation and her status as a style icon.

The video is a spoof behind-the-scenes of a Vogue shoot to celebrate 10 years of the former Spice Girls' fashion label, Victoria Beckham.

It sees Victoria swanning around with a towel on her head and a dressing gown with VB insignia, insisting she is a minimalist while staff behind her carry thrones and mannequins on to the set.

She tells director Isaac Lock that the shoot is a celebration of "the rich and inspiring history of one of the most enduring style icons of all time. Me. Victoria Beckham."

Taking a bow at the end of her spring/summer 2018 New York Fashion Week show. Credit: AP

While Vogue Fashion Director, Venetia Scott, envisages the shoot to be "modern, minimal and stylish", the fashion designer has her own ideas.

She is seen posing for the camera in versions of some of her less-refined looks from the past, including a black latex catsuit similar to one she wore in the 'Say You'll Be There' video.

Describing her - very familiar - vision to baffled Vogue editor, Edward Enninful, Victoria says: "What I want, what I really, really want, is me, and four other women.

"One sporty, bit of an athleisure direction; the other one that's younger, lots of pink, pigtails; one that's very glamorous - full on leopard print. And another one that's super super sexy. Got big boobs, red hair."

Victoria in silver in 2000. Credit: PA

She even pokes fun at her singing abilities as she ends the clip testing her mic.

"One, two, Isaac, can you hear me?" She can be heard saying to the director.

"It's just, I've had really bad experiences with microphones, most of the time they were either turned off or turned down really low, so you couldn't really hear me," a reference to her mic being turned off by producers so she could not be heard singing.

Victoria and her children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, Harper (and dog, Olive) grace the October cover of British Vogue.