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Student poster prank in Texas McDonald's goes unnoticed for almost two months

Jevh Maravilla wanted to see more Asian representation in McDonald's ads so he made it happen. Credit: Twitter

A student decided to take matters into his own hands when he noticed there was no Asian representation at his local McDonald's in Texas.

Jevh Maravilla, who has Filipino heritage, decided to replace the faces of the models on the walls of the fast food chain with his own.

Along with his friend Christian Toledo, Jevh hatched a covert plan to hang a poster of them on the wall.

The pair even bought a McDonald's uniform from a charity shop for seven dollars to help them execute the prank.

The pair have shared pictures on social media of them posing as McDonald's models, which has been shared more than 900,000 times.

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They pulled off the prank on 13 July and the poster has been up ever since.

Even though the process has been fun, Jevh clarifies there is a serious point to be made about the representation of Asian people in American society - whether that is representation in fast food marketing or in films

He said: "If you haven't noticed there isn't a lot of Asians represented in the Media and hopefully someday I can see someone like me on the big screen."

Jevh also shared how the prank unfolded in a YouTube video posted on Sunday.

It shows the lengthy measures Jevh and his friend Christian took to producing the poster.

Since sharing the video he has praised the show Crazy Rich Asians for its influence on him and said on Twitter: "You guys inspired me so much."

ITV News has contacted McDonald's for a comment but they are yet to say whether they will allow the photo to stay on the wall.