Bollywood star Veronica Mehta on mission to end Asian breast cancer stigma

A Bollywood star has called for an end to the stigma around breast cancer in Asian communities.

Veronica Mehta performed in the movie Half Girlfriend last year - while she was undergoing treatment for the disease.

She told ITV News she wants to "break the stigma and to encourage people to come forward and work as a team".

She wrote and performed this hit from the film Half Girlfriend while she was undergoing treatment last year.

She said "it's one of those things that isn't spoken about".

Rachael Bland, who was a BBC Radio 5 Live presenter, died at the age of 40 this week.

She told the story of her breast cancer in a frank podcast called You, Me And The Big C, featuring friends Deborah James and Lauren Mahon sharing their experiences of cancer.

BBC radio presenter Rachael Bland documented her experience with cancer in a frank podcast called You, Me And The Big C Credit: PA

It has gotten to the top spot of the UK podcast charts.

Addie Mitchell from Breast Cancer Care praised Rachael Bland for her work, saying: "I think people like Veronica speaking out and the podcasts and the blogs that Rachael wrote about so eloquently will really inspire people to speak out and get the help they deserve," she said.