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Meet the lucky canine back from brink of Chinese dog meat factory

A canine brought back from the brink after being rescued from the clutches of a Chinese dog meat factory is set to be honoured at the Animal Hero Awards.

Braveheart the dog was found tied to a pole and suffering from serious injuries to her legs after being subjected to horrific abuse in December last year.

After being picked up by a charity, Braveheart needed to have her front legs amputated at a hospital in China before she began rehabilitation.

In April, she was taken in by a new owner in Scotland and is slowly being nursed back to full health and is learning to walk again.

Braveheart had to undergo rehabilitation to learn to walk again. Credit: The Mirror's Animal Hero Awards

On Thursday, Braveheart will be recognised at the annual Animal Hero Awards in London.

Owner Amanda Leask told ITV News that Braveheart had made an "amazing recovery" after being the subject of "horrific cruelty".

Ms Leask has been involved in campaigning for animal welfare for a number of years, and believes there is much to be learned about animal cruelty in China.

"I think a lot of people make the mistake in thinking it's just a cultural thing, but unfortunately it is what these animals actually endure and what they go through before they end up on someone's plate," she said.

"It's beyond barbaric."

Braveheart and fellow rescue dog Miracle are now living happily in Scotland.