1. ITV Report

North Korea gears up to celebrate 70th year since founding as ITV News gets rare access to secretive state

  • Video report by ITV News Asia Correspondent Debi Edward

Across Pyongyang hundreds of people have been perfecting their performances for this weekend's mass celebration - to mark 70 years since North Korea's foundation.

As final rehearsals take place, North Korean officials have promised a spectacular show.

Since the Trump-Kim summit, tourists have been arriving by the busload, encouraged to visit a country now eager to pursue its economic ambitions.

Foreign journalists have even been allowed into the country to witness the celebrations, including ITV News Asia Correspondent Debi Edward.

Pyongyang has promised a spectacular show.

Despite the cooling off of tensions over North Korea's nuclear ambitions, the country is still subject to extensive UN trade restrictions.

But in a marked change from previous visits, people the journalists have been allowed to interview so far show an awareness of current news events - and even the upcoming visit of the South Korean president.

Many believe the sought-after peace agreement with South Korea could soon be finalised.

The weapons that Kim Jong-un chooses to include in Sunday's parade could also reveal the extent to which he has shifted from provocateur to peace-maker.

North Korea is keen to pursue its new economic ambitions.