Unions leader Frances O’Grady calls for public vote on final Brexit deal

Frances O’Grady says the TUC will be seeking a public vote on the terms of the Brexit deal if the Government fails to negotiate one that meets its standards (Andrew Matthews/PA) Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

The public should have a say on the terms of the Brexit deal through a “popular vote”, the head of the Trade Union Congress has urged.

Frances O’Grady said unions would never negotiate a deal and not consult members.

Speaking on BBC TV’s Andrew Marr Show, she said time was running out to avoid “crashing out” of the EU.

“That would be an absolute disaster for the people we represent. If we don’t get a deal that working people need, the TUC will be throwing its full weight behind a campaign for a popular vote so that people have a say.”

The TUC general secretary said a deal which included staying with the customs union and single market would be the best way to protect people’s livelihoods.

She added: “Trust in the Government to deliver a good deal is nose-diving.”

She was speaking ahead of the TUC Congress which opens in Manchester later on Sunday.