'King of Thieves' stars Sir Michael Caine and Ray Winstone deny film glamourises Hatton Garden diamond heist

The cast of 'King of Thieves' have fended off accusations that the film glamourises crime.

The movie is based on the infamous Hatton Garden heist, the biggest burglary in English legal history.

Nearly £14 million worth of gold was stolen in 2015 and some have accused the film of glamourising the burglary.

Sir Michael Caine, who stars in the film, said those making the charge "have not seen the movie".

Ray Winstone, who stars alongside Sir Michael, agreed, saying: "They get caught and they go to prison and they're punished.

"So how anyone can think that we glamourise it...glamourise what? Seven to 15 years in prison?"

Five of the gang members were jailed for 34 years and the trial of the alleged mastermind has been delayed by a year because of the film's release.