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Nicoles unite after student emails 247 of them hoping to find woman he met in bar

A group of Nicoles who met up at the Side Street Pub in Canada following the mass email. Credit: Nicole McCoy

You meet someone on a night out, things are going well so you get their phone number - but the number is the wrong one.

Most people would leave it there, but not Carlos Zetina.

The Canadian university student was determined to find Nicole "from Holland who thinks Neiztsche is depressing" - so much so he decided to email the 247 Nicoles in his university email directory.

"We met at the campus bar and we talked and had struck a pretty interesting conversation," he told the Toronto Star. "She gave me her number, but I guess she accidentally gave me the wrong one."

In his email, Carlos wrote: "This is a mass email to all Nicoles if you don't fit this description then ignore and if you are the one and just don't want to talk to me that's ok as well."

But the message had an unintended consequence.

United by their name, many of the Nicoles on the mailing list set up a Facebook group and planned to meet up.

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The Nicole squad met up at Side Street Bar in Calgary and, according to local media, as each new Nicole entered the restaurant they jumped up and asked: "Hey are you Nicole?"

Carlos did get some responses too, with some Nicoles pretending to be the one he met as a joke, while others suggested she had given him the wrong number on purpose.

But Carlos did eventually find the Nicole he was looking for, who reportedly said the wrong number "was a total accident".

Carlos said they were "planning to hang out maybe next week".

The Nicoles have been sharing their and Carlos' story using #nicolefromlastnight.