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House of Commons becomes a field of wheat at PMQs - but why?

Jeremy Corbyn wore wheat on his lapel as part of a campaign but he may have just been taunting the Prime Minister. Credit: PA

In what may have caused flashbacks for Theresa May the House of Commons became a field of wheat at PMQs as the Prime Minister found her self surrounded by the crop.

Social media erupted with memes during last year’s general election campaign when Mrs May revealed her "naughtiest" exploit growing up had been to "run through" fields of wheat.

Many Tory MPs opted to wear the accessory as part of the campaign but Mrs May did not. Credit: PA

Arriving at Prime Minister’s Questions, Mrs May found MPs across the House, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, had pinned ears of wheat to their tops.

The unusual accessory was adopted by many in a show of support for the Back British Farming campaign to raise awareness about the industry.

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But Conservative party deputy chairman James Cleverly could not resist gently teasing the PM about her previous revelation.

He tweeted: “Lots of @Conservatives MPs wearing heads of wheat on the benches around @Theresa_May at PMQs today. Almost makes it look like she’s in a field.”