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Dua Lipa in tears as fans claim they were dragged from concert for waving LGBT flags and standing on seats

Dua Lipa's concert was cut short for some fans who have claimed they were dragged out for waving gay rights flags. Photo: Invision/AP

Dua Lipa tried to calm fans through a tearful message at her Shanghai concert after security dragged people from their seats.

Videos from fans posted on social media show members of the crowd being forcefully pulled by security while enjoying the award winning singer's performance.

Fans and eyewitnesses are claiming that many were removed for waving rainbow LGBT flags as well as for standing on seats.

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One fan who posted the video online called the treatment "unbelievable" as they witnessed people being kicked out of the venue.

Towards the end of her set, the singer - who was nominated for ally of the year at the British LGBT Awards earlier this year - addressed her audience through tears.

"I want to create a really safe environment for us all to have fun, I want us all to dance, I want us all to sing, I want us all to just have a really good time," she said.

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More footage was shared by fans which appears to show security guards kicking people outside Shanghai's National Exhibition Centre, though it is uncertain if the incidents are related.

While same sex couples have been legal in China since 1997, there have been social challenges for many.

The singer was listed as one of MTV's LGBT+ Community's favourite music artists in 2017 after her video for her song Blow Your Mind (Mwah) featured an LGBT flag.