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Second set of no-deal Brexit documents published

Brexit (Rick Findler/PA) Photo: PA Wire/PA Images

The second tranche of technical notices giving guidance on the impact of a no-deal Brexit has been released by the Government.

Some 28 documents were published on the website on Thursday, following the release of 24 in August.

Among the topics covered are the validity of British driving licences on the continent, roaming charges for mobile phones and the future of the European space and satellites programmes.

Mobile phones bills for customers living near the border in Northern Ireland could spike after Brexit, one of the papers reveals.

Papers setting out what could happen if no deal is struck warn how consumers and businesses should be aware of “inadvertent” data roaming  – where a stronger signal from the Republic kicks in.

It comes after Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab urged phone companies not to impose roaming charges on customers if Britain crashes out of the European Union.

UK firms currently working on the EU’s Galileo satellite navigation system could be cut out of existing contracts under a no-deal Brexit, Government technical papers say.

Firms have already been warned they faced blocks to bidding for new work on the programme, a rival to the US GPS system.

But a technical paper released by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) says businesses and academics “may face difficulty carrying out and completing existing contracts”.