The end of Big Brother? Five memorable moments that defined the series

Ryan Thomas won the recent controversial series of Celebrity Big Brother. Credit: PA

Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother will no longer be airing on Channel 5.

The long-running reality show will come to an end on the channel after the final series begins on Friday.

It started as a social experiment but Big Brother soon made headlines when it began in 2000, transforming normal people into celebrities overnight.

At its peak, the series was watched by almost 10 million viewers.

Ratings have declined steadily but it is rumoured the series will be picked up by another channel or platform.

As things stand MTV are 5/4 favourites to be the next channel to host the show, according to Ladbrokes.

Here are five of the most memorable moments that defined the series

  • Nick Bateman, Big Brother 1 (2000)

Bateman gained the nickname 'Nasty Nick' after being accused of manipulating other housemates, and was eventually asked to leave by television producers.

  • Nikki Grahame, Big Brother 7 (2006)

Grahame became known for her tantrums in the house and famously exclaimed, "Who is she?!" in the diary room.

Her popularity continued outside of Big Brother and was given her own reality television show, Princess Nikki.

  • George Galloway, Celebrity Big Brother (2006)

In one of the most bizarre moments on Big Brother, politician George Galloway pretended to be a cat and mimed licking imaginary milk from the cupped hands of fellow housemate Ruth Lenska.

  • Jade Goody, Big Brother 3 (2002) and Celebrity Big Brother 5 (2007)

Perhaps the most recognisable contestant, Goody, became a star after appearing on Big Brother in 2002.

She returned to the house in the celebrity edition in 2007 with an estimated wealth of £8 million.

But, her second stint ended in ignominy after being judged to have used racist language against fellow housemate and eventual winner Shilpa Shetty.

  • Roxanne Pallet, Celebrity Big Brother 22 (2018)

Pallet quit this year's celebrity edition following a row involving Ryan Thomas, who she alleged had hurt her by punching her.

She was publicly derided and since leaving the show, the actress has apologised for exaggerating her claims.