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Lib Dems branded ‘pro-pimp’ by feminist campaigners

Activists from the feminist campaign group Not Buying It have protested outside the Lib Dem conference (Gareth Fuller/PA) Photo: PA Wire/PA Images

The Liberal Democrats have been branded the “pro-pimp” party by feminist protesters because of their policies on sex workers.

Demonstrators picketing the party’s conference in Brighton held banners proclaiming “Lib Dems for pornographers”, and: “Stigma does not kill prostitutes, men do.”

The protest was organised by campaign group Not Buying It, which is opposed to the Lib Dem stance on issues like prostitution.

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Dr Sasha Rakoff of Not Buying It told the Press Association: “We are very concerned by the Lib Dem policies which are pro-pimp, pro trafficking. They even think sex trafficking can be consensual.

“They are pro-prostitution. They see pimps as businessmen.

“And they oppose any moves to protect children from porn, like age verification or even internet opt-in.”

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A Lib Dem spokesman said: “Liberal Democrats will decriminalise the sale and purchase of sex, and the management of sex work.

“Reducing harm, defending sex workers, human rights, and focusing police time and resources on those groomed, forced or trafficked into the sex industry.

“We would provide additional support for those wishing to leave sex work.”

The Not Buying It campaign states: “We are challenging the porn and sex trade and their normalising because of the huge harm associated with this.”