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Deadly Typhoon Mangkhut batters Hong Kong and China

  • Video report by ITV News Asia Correspondent Debi Edward

Typhoon Mangkhut has begun lashing Hong Kong and southern China with 100mph-winds as people brace for the deadly storm's impact.

Forecasters have warned of the worst after Magkhut left at least 64 people dead across the Philippines on Saturday.

Philippine police said that at least 40 people, most gold miners, were trapped in a landslide triggered during the storm.

The typhoon made landfall in China and Hong Kong on Sunday, bringing with it torrential rains and strong winds.

Video footage from Macau and Hong Kong showed roofs collapsing and flooded streets.

Chinese media reported that more than 2.4 million people had been relocated.

In addition, nearly 50,000 fishing boats had been called back to port.

Forecasters warned people in China and Hong Kong to expect the worst. Credit: AP
Scaffolding from a building was ripped down by the winds. Credit: AP

China and the Philippines agreed to postpone a visit by Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi that was to start on Sunday due to the typhoon’s onslaught, which caused nearly 150 flights, a third of them international, to be cancelled and sea travel halted.

Cathay Pacific said all of its flights would be cancelled between 2.30am local time on Sunday and 4am on Monday.

In nearby Fujian province in China, 51,000 people were evacuated from fishing boats and around 11,000 vessels returned to port on Saturday morning.

Vehicles were spotted submerged with water in the streets of China. Credit: AP
People have had to be rescued from flooded buildings. Credit: AP

In the northern Philippines, the death toll is continuing to rise after Mangkhut triggered landslides and drownings.

On Sunday afternoon, Philippine police said the number of dead stood at 64.

Around 37 people are believed to be missing in a far-flung village of Itogon town in Benguet province after a landslide.

Authorities believe most of those missing are gold miners.

Rescuers work near the site of a landslide in Itogon in the Philippines. Credit: AP

As it stands, Philippine authorities estimate that well over 30 people were injured during the storm.

The hardest-hit province was Benguet, where 38 people died.

A mother and child are rescued from the landslide in Itogon. Credit: AP

Mangkhut has been the strongest storm in the world so far this year.

More than five million people were in the path of the typhoon, equivalent to a Category 5 Atlantic hurricane when it hit the Philippines.

Residents survey the damage from the storm in Tuguegrao City. Credit: AP