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'He's not the man I knew' - Dionne Warwick accuses Donald Trump of failing to show 'compassion and knowledge'

Donald Trump has failed to show any "compassion and knowledge" since taking presidential office, according to music legend Dionne Warwick.

In an interview with ITV News, the singing legend also claimed that Mr Trump was "not the man" she knew whilst working at his hotels and on the Celebrity Apprentice.

The 73-year-old expressed criticism of the Trump administration, saying that although she backed his campaign promise to "Make America Great Again" things had "gone a little too far".

The Walk On By singer said that Mr Trump was not comparable to past presidents, and claimed his style of presidency had left America going through "growing pains" again.

"His way is not the way I've known past presidents to proceed," Warwick told ITV News.

"There doesn't seem to be any compassion, knowledge, things that make our world go round."

She added: "It's gone a little too far, I feel, personally."

Donald Trump and Dionne Warwick have known each other for years. Credit: PA

Warwick said she "loved" the idea of making America great, and urged the Trump administration to "do the right thing".

She said that Mr Trump had not yet found the right "remedy".

"Everybody has their own opinion. It's a different era," she said.

"It's almost as if we're going through growing pains again. We're starting to pay attention to it. We have to."

Speaking of her past acquaintance with Mr Trump, Warwick said: "He's not the man that I knew.

"I don't know what happened or what developed over the years. He's not the guy I met a long time ago.

"I think he's deterring from what he promised."

Warwick, who is about to begin a tour, believes fellow American Serena Williams should take legal action against cartoonist Mark Knight whose depiction of the tennis star has been widely criticised.

"It [the cartoon] was just so unnecessary. That was the rudest thing I have ever seen. She deserves an apology, she deserves...she should sue the cat, she really should, she should take his whole being away from him, I would, I would have no problem with it."

The singer says modern music lacks character and current stars are all far too similar.

"It's almost 'clonish'; everybody sounds the same. They're all kind of put into a little box: 'I want you to sound like'; 'I want you to look like'; 'I want you to be like'; 'I want you to sing like'. The individuality doesn't seem to be present today - not for me, anyway."