‘There is a revival’: Sir Vince Cable insists Liberal Democrats are electable

  • Video report by ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand

Sir Vince Cable has insisted the Liberal Democrats are electable as he prepares to address its autumn conference in Brighton.

“There is a revival,” Sir Vince told ITV News Correspondent Paul Brand.

“We had two bad elections and we acknowledge that, I only came into office, just over a year ago. And since that’s happened, we had one round of local elections… and it’s been the best result of 15 years.”

It had been rumoured that anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller was set to replace Sir Vince after he steps down.

But, at the party conference she declared: “I am not your leader-in-waiting.”

“Though I'm politically independent I'm here to cheer you on,” she said.

“I will walk side-by-side with you all as Liberal Democrats seeking to stop the decay in democracy, to stop the politics of division, to unite rather than divide.