'Guys We F******' podcast hosts dubbed 'racist' over clip discussing black men

The well-known comedians have received a lot of backlash for their comments. Credit: Krystyna Hutchinson/Corinne Fisher

The hosts of popular podcast Guys We F****** have been branded "racist" after a clip from 2014 of them discussing having sex with black men re-emerged.

The 2014 clip from the weekly show, in which comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson discuss their sex lives and interview men they've had relationships with in the past, featured the pair complaining about “black people who act like white people".

Both have since apologised for the comparison.

What did they say exactly?

“I had sex with two dudes, and one was the black guy,” Ms Fisher said, to which Ms Hutchinson responded “score!”

“It was my second black guy though.

"Everyone was like, ‘Oh, is that your first black guy?’

"And I’m like, um, excuse me, I’ve been f****** black guys since the early 2000s, thank you very much,” Ms Fisher continued.

“Yeah, but you even said your first one didn’t count,” Ms Hutchinson responded.

“But this was like a real black guy, like basketball player height, deep voice, lives uptown,” said Ms Fisher.

“He doesn’t act black enough, though.”

“What do you mean? Like, talk black?” Ms Hutchinson continued.

“Well, I just mean, like, act, more like, thug.

“I don't like black people who act like white people,” Ms Fisher said.

“And I know we’re gonna get a bunch of letters like, ‘What do black people act like?

"Guys, we all f****** know when we say stereotypically what black people act like, and that's what I like," she concluded.


The pair call their show an “anti sl**-shaming podcast,” with many followers applauding the topics for its feminist agenda and sex positivity.

Sex and relationships blogger Dami Olonisakin took to Twitter to say she was “really disappointed with a sex podcast.”

"I respected their work and even bought their book till they started fetishising black men," she wrote.

"Dear white women, black men are not sexual objects you can tick off your bucket list for your own sexual gratification."

How did they respond?

Ms Hutchinson responded to Ms Olonisakin's criticism with an apology, saying she would "do better."

"I will do better.

"I understand why that’s f***** up (that episode came out a while ago and we have had many conversations about why it’s f***** up).

"I’m sorry, I can’t imagine how disappointing that must have been to hear."

Host Krystyna Hutchinson responded to Oloni's complaint. Credit: Twitter/KrystynaHutch

Corinne Fisher is yet to respond to Ms Olonisakin's social media posts.

But the pair did apologise for their "regrettable" comments again in a joint statement posted on Twitter.

"This was not the first mistake we've made on the podcast and certainly won't be the last," the pair said.

How did listeners react?

The tweets prompted a huge response from other Twitter users, with many rallying in support of Ms Olonisakin.

"I fully support Oloni with her stand against this podcast. I have never listened to it before and I certainly won't be now," wrote Aoife Drury.

Another user, who goes by the name of Kiran, added, "This is so disgusting. How can you think this is okay to say?!

"Drooling over him having 'hood swag' and him being black enough for you for the weekend.

"You're gonna get a bunch of letters because it's RACIST, you are racist and using black men as props in your sex life."