Khalid Masood’s final movements prior to Westminster attack revealed in footage

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Sejal Karia

CCTV images have been released showing the Westminster attacker Khalid Masood purchasing knives at a supermarket a fortnight before his murderous rampage.

The 52-year-old's movements from the date he bought the knives to the day he committed the attack have been released as part of the inquest into the attack.

The inquest heard earlier on Tuesday from his mother who said she "feared son would kill as a teenager."

Westminster attacker Khalid Masood went to the scene of his intended attack several times in the days prior to the incident. Credit: PA
  • What were Khalid Masood's movements?

On March 9, he visited a Tesco store in Birmingham where he bought knives.

On March 16, he picked up the keys to a Hyundai Tuscan at Enterprise Rent a Car in Birmingham and drove off.

Two days later, he carried out reconnaissance, driving down Westminster Bridge.

Between March 18 and 21, he stayed at the Days Inn Hotel at Cobham services.

He was shown on tape laughing and smiling with reception staff.

After checking out, he travelled on to Brighton where he visited Sainsbury’s before the fish and chip shop.

On the morning of the attack, he searched the internet for Prime Minister’s Questions before carrying out a second recce in Westminster.

He returned later, using the car park at St Thomas’ Hospital before moving into the bus lane on the bridge poised for attack at 2.38pm.

5 people were killed by Khalid Masood in the Westminster attack. Credit: PA

The inquest heard he had previously talked to his children about Donald Trump and Theresa May, describing the “racism and rudeness” of the US president and accusing the Prime Minister of being a “liar” and “sick”.

The court was told the attack came amid a failed attempt to target Westminster with knives and a foiled plot to murder Mrs May.