Donald Tusk posts a picture with Theresa May captioned with a sly putdown about Brexit cherry-picking

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Donald Tusk had already destabilised Theresa May’s Brexit plans in a speech on Thursday afternoon in Salzburg - but if anyone was in any doubt of how he felt about the Prime Minister – just take a look at his latest Instagram post.

The picture shows Mr Tusk offering Mrs May a selection of cakes – fairly innocent until you read the caption: “A piece of cake, perhaps? Sorry, no cherries.”

It made reference to his speech earlier when he said the Prime Minister could not cherry-pick areas of the single market as Britain leaves the European Union.

Ouch. The political mic drop has predictably led to a divisive response online.

It has been described as "sassy" and "savage" by some.

For others, it's "trolling" and perhaps does not reflect the seriousness of the situation.