Ukip members offer up Farage condoms as the perfect way to avoid pregnancy

Nigel Farage condoms on sale at the Ukip annual conference at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham (Aaron Chown/PA) Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Ukip members have been offered the perfect safe sex option for when they ask their partner to lie back and think of England – the Nigel Farage condom.

While some might think that such ardent Eurosceptics would prefer the withdrawal method, the party political prophylactics are one of many tongue-in-cheek merchandise offerings on sale at the Birmingham conference.

Delegates can also pick up items including a Ukip-branded thong and Chequers fudge on stalls outside the hall at the International Convention Centre.

The condoms are being sold by the Ukip youth wing, Young Independence (YI), with former leader Mr Farage’s face on the packet, along with the message: “For when you have a hard Brexit.”

Sebastian Cheek, the YI’s treasurer, said they were on sale for £1 each or four for £2, because they like a “good deal, not a bad deal”.

Speaking to the Press Association at lunchtime on Friday, he said: “We have been here since around 10.30 and an entire box of 100 condoms has been sold. They have been selling extremely well.”

Asked what Mr Farage might think, he added: “I don’t think Nigel would mind because he is one for saying let’s laugh at ourselves. I don’t think he would be offended.”

Thongs were on sale branded with “I love Ukip” across the front on the party’s Northern Ireland branch stall for £3.

The “genuine unofficial” Chequers fudge was available in several flavours alongside a tea towel with a recipe for the delicacy consisting of “one part hypocrisy (and) one part appeasement, mixed in an unpalatable way”, for £7.