Streets turn into raging rivers as deadly flash floods hit Tunisia

At least five people were killed by flash floods which turned streets into raging rivers in northeastern Tunisia.

Authorities said four of the victims were two men aged 58 and 68, and two women aged 20 and 25 who were swept away by currents.

Severe floods were triggered by torrential rainfall that, according to a ministry spokesman, dumped almost two metres of rain on some areas, which is the equivalent of half the country’s annual precipitation.

Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed visited the town of Nabeul, about 70 kilometers (45 miles) west of the capital, on Sunday, a day after heavy rains hit the region.

People walk past debris caused by heavy rainstorms in the Tunisian coastal governante of Nabeul, Tunisia. Credit: AP

Chahed said "it’s urgent to work so things return to normal".

He added the government will help financially people whose homes and fields have been damaged.

Several roads were flooded and a number of buildings severely damaged.

Cars are also being swept down a street by raging floodwater in the city of Nabuel on the Cap Bon peninsula, 20 kilometres south-east of the capital Tunisia.

Chahed said some areas received as much as eight inches of rainfall.