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'My love poem to Jeremy Corbyn': How Labour's leader led this poet to fall in love with the party again

  • By Natalia Jorquera and Ryan Ramgobin at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool

Jess Green's poetry wasn't always political. But that changed when the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government came into power in 2010.

The Labour member said "it was the first time when I felt so frustrated by a government and just what they were doing to the most vulnerable people in society and I guess writing poetry gave me a bit of an outlet for that."

Jess has fallen in and out of love with the party she has been a member of since she was 18. But with Jeremy Corbyn as leader, she says she has "never been prouder" to be a Labour member - something she has written about in her poems, including 'A Love Letter to Jeremy Corbyn'.

She has been in Liverpool this week performing her poetry, as Labour holds its party conference in the city. Jeremy Corbyn will give the leader's speech to conference on Wednesday.

Jess says the low point for her as a Labour member was Ed Miliband's time as leader between 2010 and 2015.

"My low point was Ed Miliband because Ed Miliband was coming along and he was saying a lot of the things I wanted to hear, y’know. He was kind of pitching himself as the voice of the left. And then he became the leader, and all of those things he said about, y’know, looking after the most vulnerable people in society seem to just go out of the window."

I mean it was under Ed Miliband that we had the immigration mug that came out and got sent round to members. That was my real low point, that was the point I thought ‘I’ve been a bit betrayed here’ - because I voted for Ed Miliband, I thought I’d been a bit sold down the river.

– Jess Green

Jeremy Corbyn's election as Labour leader in 2015 has had an "astonishing" impact, according to Jess.

Jeremy Corbyn at this year's Labour party conference in Liverpool Credit: PA

It felt like we would have had quite a few leadership elections since I’ve been a member. And it just felt like the same old disappointment of being a Labour Party member and everybody who was standing as a candidate was within this certain centrist bit in the middle.

And then suddenly Corbyn came along.

And I remember a friend text me and said ‘have you seen this guy Jeremy Corbyn? Who’s he? Who’s this white man in his sixties? As if he’s gonna energise a generation’.

And that’s exactly what he did, and it’s astonishing, because it shouldn’t have worked and it couldn’t have worked better really.

– Jess Green

Jess believes Labour "stand a good chance" of Labour entering government under Jeremy Corbyn, but says Labour members "need to get behind Jeremy Corbyn and...we need to stop saying he’s unelectable - because if we elect him, he’s not unelectable."

"I don’t think that you have to agree with everything Jeremy Corbyn says, I think it would be slightly strange if you did just blindly go along with everything Jeremy Corbyn says without questioning it, that’s not how politics or the Labour Party should work. But I’m really proud to be a Labour Party member under Jeremy Corbyn."