'Not to sound really lame, but it is collective joy' - Inside the alternative Labour conference The World Transformed

  • By Natalia Jorquera and Ryan Ramgobin at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool

The Labour Party Conference has drawn to a close and with it the traditional soundbites, familiar faces and annual promises of improving the country.

But away from the Echo Arena in Liverpool lie hundreds of fringe events, some of which are organised under the umbrella of 'The World Transformed'.

It is a four-day politics, arts and music festival run by campaign group Momentum. Organisers say it is "working to build Left power both inside and outside of Parliament".

What began in 2016 following the surprise election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has grown each year and now attracts international speakers.

DJs entertain the crowds as pro-Labour activists discuss how to turn the tables on the Tories. Credit: ITV News

The organisers want to shift the focus from party politics to grassroots activism.

Flicking through the programme, alongside radical political discussions, you'll also find yoga classes, five-a-side football tournaments and even club nights.

Sam Swann, a 29-year-old Labour activist, told ITV News the events “definitely helped me shape my politics in the now” and were, well, joyous.

Red mats are the popular choice at the yoga classes. Credit: ITV News

"I think there is a real need for fringe events and festivals like this," he said.

"Partly, it's really important that we discuss all the big ideas that we have to keep on pushing to help forward our progressive agenda, but it's also for the fun."

He went on: "The vibe here is amazing, there is a lot of celebration, there is a lot of discussion - a lot of partying.

Not everyone is working to the same goal on the football pitch though. Credit: ITV News

"A lot of this is about collective joy, not to sound really lame, but it is collective joy."

A different way to do politics is a novel idea but will it outlast the current Labour leader?

Sam told ITV News "all of this is bigger than Jeremy Corbyn".

Can the movement outlast Jeremy Corbyn? Credit: ITV News

He said: "Whatever happens, we're going to be fighting for a Labour government.

"Hopefully that will last for generations, not just while Corbyn is leader.

"We're hoping this is something that has real legs and can carry on for decades."

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