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Prince William speaks Swahili to Tanzanian President John Magufuli ahead of the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference

The Duke of Cambridge exchanged Swahili greetings with Tanzanian President John Magufuli as he visited the country for the second time in 18 years on Thursday.

Prince William managed to say "Habari za Asubuhi" ("How is your day") to the African dignitary.

Speaking at the State House in Dar Es Salaam, William said he was delighted to return the East African country.

"It's been over 18 years since I was last here and I am looking forward to seeing as much of the beautiful country as I can and seeing as many people as I can and it's a real honour to be back here."

The trip comes ahead of the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference, which will be held in London next month in an effort to encourage greater international co-operation to protect endangered species from the threat of extinction.

The conference will focus on tackling the illegal wildlife trade as an organised crime, building coalitions between countries and shutting down markets for illegal wildlife products.